General Information
VISA: A valid VISA is necessary for all overseas delegates. For China and SAARC countries a permission authorization will be sent to the respective Indian consulate office in their country. This will be done automatically for invited faculty and registered delegates. Kindly contact Neumech Events ( Conference Managers) for further assistance. Bhutanese and Nepalese citizens need to carry a suitable means of identification.

Letter of Invitation: Individuals requiring an official letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa and authorization to attend the conference, should contact the IPRAS 2009 Conference Secretariat. An invitation letter will be sent on request to registered delegates only. The letter of invitation does not financially obligate the conference organizers in any way. All expenses incurred in relation to the conference are the sole responsibility of the participant.

Customs: Visitors are generally required to make an verbal identification of their baggage and declare foreign currency in excess of $10,000

Climate: At the time of the congress, temperatures in Delhi will range between 15-22° C.

Language: English is the official language of the Congress and commonly used in all business transactions.

Currency: The currency of India is Indian Rupee. One Rupee is divided into 100 Paise. Rupee currency notes come in the denomination of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. Current exchange rate is US$ 1=Rs 48/-. 1 Euro = Rs 65/----approx.

Credit / Debit Cards: Almost all credit cards like VISA, Master card, Amex etc. are widely accepted by establishments including hotels, restaurants, shops etc.

Banking and exchange facilities: Currency exchange facilities are available at banks and at hotels. Most banks are open from 10 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday, however some banks offer extended banking hours. 24-hour ATMs are located in shopping centers and many neighbourhood markets.

Electricity: In India electricity is provided at 220 V, 50 Hz. Sockets take round pins ( 2 or 3).Adapters are generally available at all hotels.

Taxi: Taxis are on call 24 hrs. over the telephone. A/C Radio taxis may be called by dialling +91-11-43434343, +91-11-29232425. These taxis have a flat charge of Rs 15/- per Km. There are prepaid counters at the airport for travel to any part of the city.

From Domestic Airport – Hotel Ashok: Rs. 500/- approximately (A/C)

From International Airport - Hotel Ashok: Rs. 600/- approximately (A/C)

Time Zone: India is 5-1/2 hours ahead of GMT, 4-1/2 hours behind Australian Eastern Time & 10-1/2 hours ahead of American Eastern Standard Time.

Amendment and Cancellation policy

To cancel the services selected kindly contact  Please refer to cancellation policy, as stated below, while using IPRAS 2009 Congress Services.

All refund claims shall be settled after the Congress.
Cancellation request received Percentage of Reg. fee deducted
Up to 1st March 2009 10 % deduction
Up to 30th  June 2009 20 % deduction
Up to 31st  October 2009 40 % deduction
After 1st  November 2009 No refund
29th november - 3rd december 2009
hotel ashok, new delhi
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