Sponsors & Exhibitors
If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the conference please download the ‘Exhibitor Prospectus’ from this page. For clarifications you may contact desk@ipras2009.org
When booking a sponsorship package or exhibition booth please advise a single point of contact. All information including sponsorship, exhibition, registration, function and accommodation bookings will be recorded under the one name. All confirmations and notices will be sent to this person. An online registration form is available to register all your representatives for the conference and accommodation.
Information for Sponsors
Booth Rates

Upto 31.12.08 Upto 30.6.09 After 30.6.09
30000/m2 35000/m2 40000/m2
*All rates are in Indian Rupees ( 1US $ = Rs. 48 approx & 1 Euro = Rs 65 approx)
  • Please refer to the ‘Exhibitor Prospectus, Terms, Conditions & Order Forms’ for all details.
  • Allocation of stalls will be as per decision of the organizing committee.
  • No reminders for logos or advertisements will be issued. Any material not received by the due dates will not be included.

Exhibitor Prospectus, Terms, Conditions & Order Forms

Online Exhibitor Response Form /  PDF download
Please right click to open/download the pdf files in new window.
If you need a hard copy of the Exhibitor Prospectus,Terms & Conditions then please fill the online Exhibitor Response form.

New Exhibition Key plan & Layout plan.
Please note that the exhibition venue has changed to a more premium area as shown.

Significant Dates for Exhibitors
Exhibition Set-up Nov 27  6pm onwards
Pre-built Booth System available to Exhibitors Nov 28 9pm onwards
Exhibition days & time Nov 29th-Dec 2nd
Dec 3rd
9am – 5pm
9am – 2pm
Dismantling Dec 3rd 3pm – 11pm
Official Freight Forwarders:
Contact Persons: Surjeet Singh / Puneet Sekhri

1,Commercial Complex,
Pocket H&a