As exhibition managers, Neumech Events can manage the exhibition on turnkey basis & to handle the following activities:
Preparation of exhibition brochure containing information about the stall tariffs, facilities included in the stall, product profile on display at the exhibition, profile of the business visitors etc.
However, for product profile we would need your assistance, so that all the related fields / topics are covered. All the information as given in the exhibitor brochure will be put in the congress web site also.
With the help of the Organizing Committee (OC), NEUMECH will compile data base of relevant medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies, trade journals and publications, institutes, organisations, who will be targeted to participate as exhibitors.
NEUMECH will undertake the mailing to the compiled database and follow up with regular reminders, telephone calls and visits in person. We will try to maximum participation of companies by waves of arranging 'Corporate Meetings', where in we invite corporate in the related field and make presentations to them on the exhibition, highlighting the benefits of their participation. Hi-Tea or dinner can follow the meeting. Such meetings can be arranged in consultation with the organizing committee.
The following modes of promotion will be undertaken:
  • Arranging industry meet and overseas promotion.
  • Mailing of exhibition brochures.
  • Designing the exhibition web site and linking it to search engines.
  • Promotion of the exhibition at other similar key events.
  • Promotion through international marketing associates.
  • Press coverage for the exhibition.
A manual containing all the rules, regulations and guidelines of the exhibition on opening and closing timings, modular stand details, booth furnishing details, information regarding cargo handling, electricity load and ancillary services will be designed, and mailed to all exhibitors. The manual will contain forms for extra furnishings, exhibitor badges, listing in exhibitor directory.