You focus on the content. We manage the details. Our team of experienced, professional planners will provide you with the best in comprehensive meeting services. We will save your time and money! Choose the services that fit your needs. Click on any of the services listed below to get details on how Consultants can help you plan for success!

Site Selection, Negotiations and Contracting

We write customized Requests for Proposals (RFPs) based on your specific needs to research and identify the best locations and properties. We utilize our extensive meeting site database, we leverage our high volume of meetings and strong hospitality relationship. We evaluate accommodations, meeting space, special attractions, accessibility to public transportation, local subcontractors, general logistics and overall image / value considerations. We negotiate and execute fair contracts with excellent client financial "packages". Opportunities exist for your organization to receive hotel commission rebates to offset our management fees for very significant savings.

Finance Control, Budget and Keeping of accounts


Conference Headquarts

Divert the large volume of incoming calls about the conference from your office. We will establish a published phone number, e-mail address and website for your Conference Secretariat. Save your staff countless hours from distractions during peak conference time. We provide attendees, speakers, exhibitors, suppliers, and the client's staff with a single contact point for information about the conference. We provide immediate dissemination of conference promotinal and other materials and assist in assembling, maintaining and updating client mailing lists. We maintain the highest level of customer service and that "personal touch".

Publications Management

We have a wide range of experience with conference rated publications. We provide the highest level of print design and production. Our staff provide the services needed to manage the entire publication process including text compilation, layout, proofing, production and mailing. Publication design and information are coordinated with the website to provide a consistent, professional look. Our experience encompasses all types of conference products including brochures, announcements, programs, training manuals, abstracts, and proceedings. We have the tools and technology to create products in hard and soft copy.

On-Site Staff and Travel Directors


Contract Negotiations

Our hotel experienced staff, now working on the "other side of the desk" is well trained to negotiate the best convention center, hotel and vendor contracts for our clients. Our high volume of meetings gives us volume clout that many clients do not have on their own. We implement our own hotel and vendor contract formats to provide our clients with the best value, service, and liability protection. We also rebate hotel commissions.

Transportation and Travel

We plan and coordinate all incoming and outgoing transportation. We often negotiate directly with the major airlines for group travel. We manage a worlwide resource network of ground transportation contractors and destination management companies to ensure safe and timely transport while in the host destination.

Consulting and Development

For clients launching a new event of re-engineering an existing event, we join the design team as active partner. Getting the best answers requires asking the right questions. We offer our extensive experience, open perspective, and strategic planning tools to contribute to the 'building' of a new event.We help you construct a strong framework, concrete goals clear milestones, an identified budget, and specific roles and responsibilities, all keys to achieving success.

Airport Facilitation

Advance information are sent to all participants through web site, brochure and e-mail regarding the 24 hours facilitation desk to be set up at the airport. The guests are received and provided transport with to reach various hotels with escorts.


Pre Registration of the participants at the Secretariat:
Through secretariat the following activities will be undertaken :
  • Preparing database.
  • Mailing the registration brochure as per the database.
  • Correspondence with the registered delegates.
  • Pre-Registration of delegates through Registration form, available both in the conference brochure and website.
  • Preparation of individual dockets for each registered delegates.
  • Submission of list of registered delegates to the Organising Committee.
  • Answering queries from potential and other persons relating to the conference activities etc.
  • Necessary clearances from the concerned ministries for the conference.

Accompanying Persons Programmes and Tours

Innovative programme are created in consultation with the Organisers for accompanying persons such as visit to Dilli Haat, Museum Tour, Art Galleries etc. Programmes like Saree draping & Heena applying demonstration. We set up and manage the tour counter at the event venue, provide guides & tailor made itineraries in different languages.

Website Management

Domain name registration, booking of space and designing of the web site will be done by us. The website will also be updated by us from time to time and when more information is available regarding the registration fees, the detail of the working sessions, date, time and all other information as and when they will be added onto the websites.

Setting Up of Venue and Management

NEUMECH will assess the requirements for the venue as per the guidelines laid down by the Organisers. Considerable planning of the venue will be done by NEUMECH in consultation with Organising Committee for the followings.
  1. Careful study of the delegates seating arrangement, signage and audio / visual equipments locations for each plenary / parallel / technical session, symposium etc. will be made.
  2. Halls will be allocated so as to have free flow of traffic and without too much distance from one session to attend another session. NEUMECH will ensure that the set up is in accordance with scientific requirements of the Event. NEUMECH will also make sure the following :-
  3. » Meeting rooms will be tastefully decorated.
    » Guest speakers table will be decorated with fresh flowers daily.
    » Event logo will be displayed on the back drop and at the lectern.
    » Space shall be reserved for Non-smoking delegates in the first few rows.
  4. Chart will be prepared with the Floor Plan and other requirements to provide the required facilities.
  5. Space shall be reserved for media persons, special invitees, VIP etc. and same will be earmarked.
  6. Signage's for each hall, seating arrangement, poster sessions, programmes panels etc.
  7. NEUMECH will assess the catering requirements for the conference and coordinate the same with the official service provider for menus, minimum guarantee for lunch etc.
  8. Advance information will be given to delegates (in the brochure and conference web site) on the various security precautions / protocols to be followed for the inauguration & other programmes of the conference delegates & diplomats.

Hotel Booking

Identify, negotiate rates and block required number of rooms for guests in different categories of hotels & guest house as per their budget. The rates are printed in brochure and displayed in web site. The web site is equipped with on line hotel registration facility. On site accommodation is managed by setting up hospitality and information counters at event hotels and venue.

Food and Beverage Management

We manage all food function on-site and off-site. Our staff is sensitive to the management of budgets. Creative theme menus, from simple fare to production of extravagant and first-class dining experiences, are available. We have the experience and the creativity to redesign and revitalize standard banquet menus and get you the best value.

Abstract / Speaker Administration

Collecting and managing all information necessary to produce a conference requires good customer services, accuracy, and excellent organizational skills. We utilize powerful, customized software to manage the data. This service support receiving, logging and disbursing incoming information from speaker abstracts & submissions, generating presentation confirmation letters, and other related conference data. Our high tech tools provide accuracy, good communication and flexible reporting. We provide excellent support and communication to the speakers.

Incentives / Gifts / Awards / Promo-Ad Items

We provide consultation, recommendation and access to excellent pricing to an expansive variety of options from simple to elegant and from professional to personal.

International Meeting Management



Professional photography services are available throughout the event to provide a historic record of all functions like the Opening Ceremony, working sessions and social functions. Photos / CD / DVD are made available for purchase at the Information Booth.

Meeting Planning and Logistics

We use highly specialized electronic software to manage every details. These software tools support accurate logistics managements, budget control and excellent communication of such key items as meeting room inventory, room set ups, presenters, technology, timeline, sleeping room reservations, and menus. These are integrated with team member action items and assigned completion dates.

Audio Visual / Computer Multimedia

In conjuction with state-of-the-art providers, we coordinate all your needs with the latest technology in equipment, single and multi image, computer generated and photo presentation, and spectacular media presentation.

Internet Technology Support

We have broad experience in working with a wide variety of vendors and facilities to accomplish on-site internet and intranet installation, networking and use of high-speed data lines and other state-of-the-art technologies on-site at your confidence. We coordinate the installation, setup and operation of both hard-wired and wireless internet solutions.

Sales Services

  • Exhibition
  • Booth Sales
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Advertising Sales
  • Prospectus design & distribution
  • Exhibitor kit distribution
  • On-site sales for next event
  • On-site logistics